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I am not a Coach

In the early 1900s, students at Oxford would call their private tutors ‘coaches’ after the horse-drawn carriage because they carried less-capable students through their examinations. Over the years, the word became synonymous with any person who was a trainer or instructor. Today, it is commonly used to describe a person who is involved in providing motivation, direction and guidance to members of a sports team. This is where I have decided that I am not a coach. The people I help are not on a sports team, their business is not a game and at the end of the day, there is a lot more at stake than a win or loss.

I am a consultant, as in ‘a professional who provides professional or expert advice’ (according to Wikipedia.) I would like to believe good consultants work harder than coaches – our knowledge of our chosen field must be wide and deep, and it must lead to positive results in almost all cases. We don’t get points for losses and ties. And we don’t get multi-year million dollar contracts (or at least I haven’t seen mine yet!)

So if you are looking for a business coach – pass me by. My clients are those looking for depth of experience and a fresh take on solutions for the challenges of running a small business in a very big world.

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