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Email marketing is the tried-and-true foundation for marketing online – the secret to success is cutting through the Inbox clutter and increasing the likelihood that your email will get opened and read.

  • The most important point to remember in sending any email piece is to make it useful to your readers. Give tips, offer discounts, show how your product works, provide recipes. . . do something that provides value to the person opening the email.
  • One way to improve your email marketing is to test all email content. Split your lead list into five parts. Using two of the parts, use different subject lines or vary the calls-to-action and see what works best – then switch your next two parts to the higher performing version and introduce another test. Finally, send the last part of the list your best performing email and see if your results improve.
  • Always look at your products from your potential customer's point of view. Be specific about how your products will make an impact on the person receiving your email and reading it. It’s even more powerful if you can provide an emotional connection to your offering -- they will be happier, their family will benefit or they won't have to worry about some challenge facing them.
  • Try to make it personal! Your email marketing program will be more effective if the content is tailored to your reader’s likes and dislikes. Often your email template will provide for insertion of first names, significant dates and so on, which makes your email a little more unique and approachable.
  • Are you mobile friendly? More and more people of all ages are reading emails on their smartphones or tablets. Try to preview how your email will appear on your reader's mobile or portable devices. Try Mobile Phone Emulator or iPad Peek with the previews of your email when it's ready to send.
  • Do a quick review. How is the spelling and grammar? Any typos? Would you bother to click on it? Be honest with yourself – if it’s too long, or the call-to-action isn’t clear, then rework it or start a new draft.

With these six simple steps, you should see an improvement in your email response results. What else do you do that helps improve your results. Let us know in the comments section below.

If you want help with your email marketing program, Raven Hill Media is ready to show you how to be more effective with your efforts. Contact us to see how we can improve your results.

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