About Us

We want to make your online presence work better for you. Raven Hill Media is a small online marketing agency that came together when Keith and Kathleen Wilson moved to a small farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Keith has worked in business management, corporate and financial communications, prepress and color production for print products as well as for two international purebred cattle breeder publications, a purebred cattle registry association and his own cattle brokering and marketing company. Kathleen began her career in graphic design, typography and print production and moved into web development, online direct marketing and social media as those technologies were born. Together, they bring a unique perspective to the marketplace.


Why We Created Raven Hill Media

We spent 10 years looking for a small holding that would support our interests in agriculture: namely fresh produce production and the raising of purebred sheep. During that time, we visited many small farmers who wished to get involved in direct-to-consumer food production or agritourism. Many were looking for guidance in setting up their operations, in promoting them and in participating in the "farm" economy. After providing help to several of these new acquaintances, it was obvious that more people wanted this kind of assistance.

We want to help you develop and/or improve your small farm business in these areas:

Planning and product development: you may be faced with a strategic marketing plan, an advertising plan and schedules, product packaging and placement or involvement in social media. We can help with all of those things.

Branding and image creation: whether you want your existing logo or branding elements improved, or need to develop new ones, we have the experience and abilities to tackle those tasks in an efficient and effective way.

Communications and public relations: have you created a communications plan for marketing your products? Are you connected to the local media so that you receive exposure and recognition in their stories about agriculture in your region? We can help you get to those media outlets.

Online direct mailing: did you know that email is still the most effective way to reach out to new and existing customers? And did you also know that broadcast emailing from your own email address may get you targeted as a spammer? We can show you how to create electronic newsletters and get them to the people that will respond by buying your products without risking your email reputation.

Graphic design and collateral production: support your online marketing program with business cards, brochures and rack cards. Create special documents for your bank, partner or potential customers. We have a combined experience in print production that spans four decades.

Event planning: Sometimes the best marketing idea is to invite everyone to discover you at a special event. We have organized many events that varied from a small, intimate group to several hundred delegates at a multi-day conference. We can walk you through the maze that is planning an event.

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